We'll be happy to post them right here, if you like!

(From Pappy)

Hey now, everybody!!!

We have returned and begun our recovery from what was - without a shadow of a doubt - the best Potter ever. SO many good friends. SO much great music. SUCH an incredible vibe and energy all weekend long. What more can I say?

I'll give it a shot (you knew I would)...

Christa & I arrived late Wednesday night...pulled into the Greene's and unloaded the truck and went off to bed. It was a long day, what with getting our kids off to Grammy & Pop-Pop's, Ripley to the "Pet Ho-Tail", running in all sorts of different directions doing errands and such...very hectic. But we finally made it to our Graceland.

I love waking up in Potter County. The calm is immediately felt, even though I have a million things to do. It's okay - I know they will get done. Getting to hang out on the new paradise of my old friends, Mick & Sue, was amazing. A beautiful setting for two very beautiful people. You should be very proud, Mick. I'm beginning to jump out of my skin, though - we teed off earlier last year and I don't want to miss a minute of the party! Away we went, this time just the boys, to the Coudersport Golf Club. This year, 7 of us hacked it up at the 2nd ANNUAL POTTER COUNTY GOLF OUTING and it was really a lot of fun. Nice to have a few new faces join us.

Once we returned from golf and got cleaned up a bit, it was time to mosey around the party. Lots of tents already set up by Thursday. This was a nice surprise! The sound system in the barn had already been set up and plugged in by Wednesday night, much to my bewilderment, as well. Mike South, along with a bunch of helpers, had the entire system ready to rock in NO time! The energy was really electric. It seemed that everyone I said 'hello' to was so anxious for this year's party - even more than usual. Electric - that's the best way I can put it. As the day went on and I set up my equipment, more and more and more and more people poured in and started setting up their tents. This was going to be a big turnout. After grabbing a quick bite to eat around dinnertime, I plugged in the guitar and started making some noise. As usual, a nice, little jam session sprouted from it. I was joined by Double Doser/9th-Eye, Christian Salcedo on a bass that basically fell from the sky, Mike South (or "Superman," as we call him in Potter County) on drums & Mike "Tourpro" Tony on keyboards from theCAUSE and Cherylann Hawk jumped up out of nowhere, to sing with us! Standouts were Hell In A Bucket, Don't Pass Me By, Dupree's Diamond Blues and Cherylann moving the earth with I Put A Spell On You. We played a few tunes, drank a few beers and drifted away....

Friday morning. What a day of music we had planned! Before plugging anything in, I got to have a little breakfast with Christa in our private getaway. I really treasure these little moments with my wife at Potter County, because we barely see each other up there! That's to be expected, since I feel the need to play with everyone's band and their mothers' bands, so I really enjoy the little time we do get to spend together in Potter County. I can't imagine what it would be like, married to someone who didn't get this whole thing. She not only gets it, she loves it and brings it (except enough 'Awesome' - a great dessert she makes - she was warned to bring more than one tray.....or ELSE).

We got to the party and it was time to get the music together (I'm SURE I'll forget something here and if I do, I deeply apologize). Pappy's Blues Junction typically kicks off the party, but this year I put together a special thing for the PBJ set and wanted to have it later in the day. Double Dose was slated to start off the day with a small acoustic set, but Mike Hoernig rolled in late and was pretty tired. No matter, we threw together a little band - again with me, Christian (this time on guitar), Tourpro and Cherylann. Joining us were d2 drummers, "Captain" Pat Kelly & Dave Gershman, as well as Brother Jon Hoernig on bass. Highlights from this little set: On The Road Again, Dark Hollow and Don't Ease Me In.

The Mental Notes took to the deck, next. We didn't get to do much on the deck, last year and since the weather was so beautiful this year, we wanted to make good use of this beautiful place to make music. Christian and his lovely wife, Ellen played a wonderful set of acoustic songs that filled the air. Their harmonies were sweet & tender and their song selection was just perfect.

The Mental Notes
Potter County XVII
Friday, July 2, 2010

Here Comes the Sun, Amie, Can't Find My Way Home, Cecelia, I Want to Sing That Rock & Roll, Summer Breeze, Two of Us, Strong Enough, Broken, Wake Up Little Susie.

Next up on the schedule was C.R. Gruver, scheduled to perform a solo set of New Orleans Ragtime piano....but still no sign of our good friend. NO worries.... "Professor" David Tauberg & I jumped up on the deck and brought our new acoustic duo's sound to the valley, for the first time. David & I have really been enjoying this little duo thing. There's an awful lot of space, since there's just two of us and since we both like to listen, we can turn on a dime and try things we've never tried before. By the way, DAVID & PAPPY will be performing at ISTANBUL on SATURDAY, JULY 17th! Please do come if you can!!

David & Pappy
Potter County XVII
Friday, July 2, 2010

Honky Cat, Hesitation Blues, Long Time Gone > Me & Bobbi McGee, Me & My Uncle > Big River, It Hurts Me Too, Kodachrome, Long Black Veil, Death Don't Have No Mercy, Mrs. Robinson, Copperhead Rd., Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn).

In the middle of our set (you can hear it, if you listen!), none other than C.R. Gruver showed up!!! Former d2 Keyboardist, C.R. Gruver hasn't been in Potter County in almost 10 years. If you are not familiar with his work, you should get acquainted on HIS WEBSITE, at the very least. Not one to waste time, C.R. had no problem hitting the stage so soon after his arrival. He played a solo set of New Orleans Ragtime piano that blew everyone in the barn completely away. It was my personal musical highlight of the weekend. C.R. was always a damn fine piano player, but was most noted for his masterful playing on the Hammond B3. I can honestly say that his piano work is now on that level. He played with such precision, while at the same time giving us that loose, rockin' feeling. It was amazing - keep your eyes open for videos on YouTube from this set (you can always look on OUR WEBSITE for links to these videos, once they become available!). "Tico Tico" was the song that sent me over the edge....just incredible.

Cherylann Hawk was next up on the deck. This lovely songstress and her performance are simply tailor-made for this event. Her beautiful voice, combined with her touching songs seem to resonate through that valley with amazing grace. I was fortunate enough to join her for her last three numbers (Things We Said Today, The Load and Hard To Be Here), the latter of the three being my two favorite Cherylann original songs. Jill Paone Simmons joined us for those two original songs and I simply can't begin to describe the chills I got from the 3-part harmonies. This set of music will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD/LISTEN by the end of this weekend. You can find it by going to theCAUSE's LINKS PAGE or by joining the Facebook group "17". It should be up by this Saturday night (7/10) at the latest.

Pappy's Blues Junction is a little project I put together and has been appearing in Potter County since 2002. Typically, we'll do a mix of Beatles, Frank Zappa, The Who, Eric Clapton and other classic rock numbers, with just one or two Grateful Dead songs thrown in for good measure. This year, I wanted to do something different. This year marks 15 years since Jerry Garcia left this earth, so I thought the best thing to do was pay the Fat Man a tribute. Pappy's Blues Junction appeared, this year, as Reuben's Painted Mandolin and performed an entire set of songs from the Jerry Garcia Band repertoire. Joining me for this year's set was Cherylann Hawk & Jill Paone Simmons on vocals, Dave Gershman on drums, C.R. Gruver (filling in at the last minute for the absent Johnny "JB" Bigham) on keyboards (as well as Mike "Tourpro" Tony on one number!) and "Professor" David Tauberg on bass. This was a really special set for me and I thought we did a pretty dang good job with it. As I said, C.R. was filling in and never heard a couple of these tunes before playing them!!!

Pappy's Blues Junction appearing as
Reuben's Painted Mandolin
Potter County XVII
Friday, July 2, 2010
The Way You Do The Things You Do, Tore Up Over You, Teenage Wedding (C'est La Vie), I'll Take A Melody, Rhapsody In Red, Second That Emotion, Cats Under The Stars*, Waiting For A Miracle, Catfish John, Mystery Train, Evangeline, My Sisters & Brothers, Gomorrah.
* with Mike Tony on keyboards

DINNERTIME!!! And on Friday night, that means PIG ROAST!! Manuel & his crew did it up again this year....just absolutely delicious!! Another wonderful spread of side dishes and other edibles were laid out along with the main course. Needless to say, we were living high on the hog....really, that was needless to say. Thank you to everyone who brings these amazing dishes and to all who help with that Pig Roast. Max, Jr. - I'm lookin' at your incredible supervision skills, as well as your incredibly complimentary mustard.

After dinner, it was time for a little break from the music. A good, digestive rest and then....

The band that started it all (well, since they started counting, anyway)....DOUBLE DOSE! For the past few years, d2 has been the feature for Friday night's music. It's a great throwback to the days of old when we used to be tight. When we remembered how to rock & roll with each other. This year, well...let's just say that IT WAS LIKE NO TIME HAD PASSED!!! In stunning fashion, the old boys BROUGHT IT and brought it STRONG. It was great being back on stage with Brother Jon Hoernig, "Captain" Pat Kelly, Dave Gershman, Christian Salcedo, C.R. Gruver and our fearless leader, Michael "Foot" Hoernig for two utterly rocking sets of tunes. Foot was simply on fire this year in Potter and it was such a treat jamming with him & the boys again. The drummers were pounding hard, Jon & Christian took turns thundering the room on bass and C.R......what more can I say about this cat? He's just such a joy to play with. Great energy and always making the music more fun and bringing it to a new level. Best d2 Potter set in I can't remember how long.

Double Dose (d2)
Potter County XVII
Friday, July 2, 2002
Gimme Some Lovin' > Cumberland Blues, Beat It On Down The Line, Tangled Up In Blue, Loser, My Brother Esau, Bird Song, Katie Moon* > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider.
II: Hey Pocky Way, Samson & Delilah, Scarlet Begonias > Drums > Sympathy For The Devil, Black Peter > I Need A Miracle > U.S. Blues.
Encore: Watershed**
*written by Eric "Pappy" Weingrad
** written by C.R. Gruver (C.R. on guitar, Pappy on keys)

Saturday morning in Potter County. This is the big one. The musicians spared nothing on Friday - every musician that played really let it all hang out and played amazingly. We bid farwell to C.R. and his wife, Liz (a Potter freshman this year and we REALLY hope she comes back for more!!!) as they had to head back to Eastern PA for family stuff before heading home to New Orleans. BUT, we got to say a big "HELLO!" to our dear friend, Doug McMinn! Doug & his wife Mary couldn't make it Friday, but they rolled in Saturday to one of the biggest Potter County party turnouts in years (I seem to remember one year about 10 or so years ago, our old buddy Sam Judge came late Saturday night and there being a pretty massive crowd). It was another glorious day in Potter County....

...And no better way to kick off the day of music than with Potter County's newest supergroup, Women On Top!! Jill Paone Simmons, Cherylann Hawk and guitar goddess, Patti Spadaro (making her 2nd trip to Potter County in as many years and this year, bringing her husband, John) were joined by Ellen Geyer Salcedo and David Tauberg (guy on bottom). "Captain" Pat Kelly & I each got to play on a song with these fine ladies, as well. Once again, these women melted our souls. They filled the valley with beautiful songs. The harmonies with Jill, Cherylann, Patti & Ellen were simply stupendous. Patti's original song, "Live Out Loud," actually raised the roof off of the barn. It was incredible. If you ever, and I mean EVER get the chance to see this group play, you will be so happy you went. According to me, this group is the best thing to be born from Potter County since the habanero mustard. According to most women, Women On Top is the best thing to be born from Potter County since Dr. Isaac's tan.

Women On Top
Potter County XVII
Saturday, July 3, 2010

To Make You Feel My Love, Take Care Of Paradise*, Make It All Right**, Angel From Montgomery, Turn On Your Lovelight, Ripple, Live Out Loud**, This Harmony*, By My Side**, Loose Lucy, The Weight, Franklin's Tower, Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad.
* written by Cherylann Hawk
** written by Patti Spadaro

ROCK. AND. ROLL. After a beautiful set from the ladies, it was testosterone time. Nine Eyes would take the stage and throw down some meaty, beaty, big & bouncy rock. "Captain" Pat Kelly on drums (and vocals!), Mike "Tourpro" Tony on keyboards, Christian Salcedo on guitar and Potter first-timer, Marshall Coates on bass, these 'Seven Eyes' rocked loud & hard! Guesting on the other two eyes, for a few songs each, were Ellen Geyer Salcedo, Patti Spadaro, Mike Hoernig, Doug McMinn, Dave Gershman, Cherylann Hawk, Jill Paone Simmons, David Tauberg and me. This was a really fun set of tunes!! It was the first time I personally got to hear Pat Kelly sing in front of an audience. And he CRUSHED IT! Great job on "Cheap Sunglasses" and "Sultans Of Swing"!!

Nine Eyes
Potter County XVII
Saturday, July 3, 2010

Slow Train Coming (MH, DM, DG), Miss You (MH, DM), Ohio (CH, ES), Cheap Sunglasses, Maryjane's Last Dance, Walkin' Blues (DM), Hey Hey What Can I Do (DT), Time> Breathe Reprise (EW), Sultans of Swing (EW), Use Me (JS), Pride and Joy (PS), One Way Out (PS, DG), Will It Go Round in Circles (DM), Black Magic Woman (DG).
MH = Mike Hoernig on Guitar, DG = Dave gershman as second drummer, DM = Doug McMinn on sax, CH = Cherylann Hawk on vocals, ES = Ellen Salcedo on vocals, DT = Dave Tauberg on mandolin, EW = Eric Weingrad on guitar & vocals, JS = Jill Simmons on vocals, PS = Patti Spadaro on guitar.

Now, every year I miss a little bit of the music. For one reason or another, that's just the way it works out for me. This year, sadly, I missed the vast majority of Doug McMinn's set. So, I can't put in my 'two cents'. What I can say is that it was, yet again, a super treat to share the stage with this incredibly talented individual over the course of the day. Doug played sax with several bands on Saturday, and played a solo set on his acoustic guitar, as well. He's a real treat to listen to and to watch. If you're ever around Williamsport, PA - look him up, either playing with Hannah or with his band, Lumpy Gravy.

As Doug was finishing up, David & I pulled back onto the property, realizing not only had we missed Doug, but the food was practically gone! This year's POT LUCK DINNER was, again, a HUGE success. People really step up their game when it comes to making a dish for Saturday night at Potter County. There was really plently left to eat - I had more than my fill. Just some amazing stuff,'s so nice to eat like a king and be surrounded by great friends.

After dinner, THE HOEBROS took the stage. Mike & Jon Hoernig, along with Christian Salcedo and Dave Gershman rocked the house!!! Patti & I each got to sit in on a tune and Pat Kelly also jammed on several songs in the set. The BEST guest appearance was by a Potter County veteran. Jimmy Mareno has been to several of these big parties. He hails from Eastern PA, near Philly and is a dear friend to us Double Dose guys, and has been for a long, long time. A little while back, Mike Hoernig heard him picking around on his guitar - it was a lead line to Big Railroad Blues. Mikey asked Jimmy if he'd want to sit in at Potter County. Jimmy took the cooler and ran, as it were! He played GREAT! It was a pretty big moment for Jimmy - now a full-fledged rockstar, and all! It was really cool to see him up there, tearing it up.

As I said earlier, Mike Hoernig was on fire this weekend. Just really playing some great riffs on the guitar and jamming so sweetly on that Mike Ironside Custom Guitar (until he popped a string....then he sounded great on Patti's Paul Reed Smith, my SBMacDonald Custom and Christian's Gibson ES-335 for the remainder of the night!). It was a killer set and they really got the crowd rockin'.

Potter County XVII
Saturday, July 3, 2010

Deal, Exressway, Big Railroad Blues+, That’s What Love Will Make You Do, Don’t Let Go, Mexicali Blues, Althea, For What It's Worth*, West L.A. Fadeaway, Playing in the Band, One More Saturday Night, Shakedown Street**.
+ with Jimmy Mareno
* with Patti Spadaro
** with Pappy

Once The Hoebros finished up, theCAUSE was getting ready to start, when - BOOM! The fireworks show started!!! Well, hell...we've been waiting 2 whole days to play our set, we could certainly wait another hour or so and enjoy the great fireworks display! Another wonderful fireworks show, put on - completely selflessly - and completely wowing the crowd.

Although a bit later than we expected, we understand this is the place to leave your expectations at the door. We weren't too tired, that's for sure!!! The cold air helped to keep us awake and before too long, theCAUSE kicked in the opening notes of Cosmic Charlie and off we went!! Joined for the entire show, by the amazing Cherylann Hawk, we played a few songs, then brought up Mike Hoernig to play on Dire Wolf; a great rendition, where he & I traded verses - much like the old days of Double Dose! Then, our good friend, Patti Spadaro hit the stage with us and we erupted into a massive Here Comes Sunshine. From there, we never looked back and played a big 150 minute set, finally finishing at about 2 am. Doug McMinn also joined us on a few tunes!

Potter County XVII
Saturday, July 3, 2010
with Special Guests Cherylann Hawk, Mike Hoernig, Doug McMinn & Patti Spadaro
Cosmic Charlie, Blow Away, Box Of Rain, Lazy Lightning > Supplication, Dire Wolf**, Here Comes Sunshine*, Never Alone*+, I'd Rather Go Blind*^, Ramble On Rose*^, It's All Good*^++ > Easy Wind*, Oh! Darling*, Tennessee Jed*, High Time*, Saint Stephen* > William Tell* > The Eleven* > He's Gone* > Doin' That Bluegrass Rag.
Encore: Whipping Post*.
* with Patti Spadaro on guitar
** with Mike Hoernig on guitar & vocals
^ with Doug McMinn on sax
+ written by Pappy
++ written by Cherylann Hawk


About 20 minutes or so, after theCAUSE's set, I heard a familiar sound emitting from the Barn....THE OTHER ONE!! It was time for the ALL-STAR JAM!!! I was happy to sit out the first few after usurping the stage for the last 2 1/2 hours. There were many different lineups - all sorts of combinations of all the Saturday musicians you see listed above. Remember when I said (way back when, about 34 paragraphs ago) that everyone was so anxious to bring it to this party? That electric vibe I was getting? The ALL-STAR JAM was pedal-to-the-freakin'-metal electric energy. It never let up. One massive set (nearly 3 1/2 hours long!)with everyone changing in and out every few songs....just incredible. My personal All-Star Jam highlights were the Truckin' > New Speedway Boogie, Sugar Magnolia at sunrise and Christian Salcedo hitting for the cycle (singing, playing bass, guitar, keys and drums!). We finished at around 5:30 am.

NOW what more can I say???

Just this....

Thank you to everyone who attended this year, both in body and in spirit. I know some of you couldn't come for one reason or another. You were missed and your energy was felt. There are a few friends who are no longer with us in body, but they were there in spirit with us, as well. Like me, some didn't get to do quite everything they wanted to, this year. There's always next year and with people like Dan Tomkinson & Laurie Barr, there's TONS of video headed our way, so you can see what you missed - you'll be surprised how much you'll be smiling while you're watching & listening. BIG TIME THANK YOU to the people that make it all happen behind the scenes...getting the property ready for this event. It's not easy. A whole helluva lot of work goes into it and the only reward is the gleaming smiles of everyone in attendance. Finally, to all the special people who came to this event this year, THANK YOU FOR A REAL GOOD TIME. You're the best people I know and I can't wait to do it all again (bigger and better, of course) at #18.


(From Sherri Serbin)

Thanks, Pappy, for reliving this for us! So many smiles came to my face as I read this! It truly was the best Potter EVER, though I say that every year! I always forget just how PROFESSIONAL everything and everybody is. We all work hard at doing all the chores and then.... BAM! I'm standing in the barn with the most incredible music going on and lights and clear, gorgeous sound, and all the little details coming together to make it so awe inspiring! And I look around at all the smiling faces of so many people that I ADORE! It is a wonderful, magical feeling, for sure!

The highlights for me were 'Women on Top' (gorgeous harmonies and great choices of tunes), CR's set (always a distinct pleasure to hear and observe him playing!), the EYES, no matter how many of them there were (UNBELIEVABLE playing by Xtian on guitar - Santana sent chills down my already tingling spine), Doug's acoustic set, which is always something special, (he and I must have the same taste in music! (duh)), Doug's sax, no matter which configuration he was playing with, Michael Hoernig's guitar work, no matter which configuration he was playing with, (Mikey was so focused this year, on and off the stage! I am so proud of him!), and last, but certainly not least, theCAUSE's set, which kept ME dancing for the entire 21/2 hours on my stinking bad knees! The conversations between you and Patti are wonderful! And, Pappy, your guitar work is so so beautiful, yet you are such a team player, encouraging your band mates to step out in front and never hogging the stage. You inspire others to be the best that they can be on and off the stage and we are all damned lucky to have you in our lives! I remember thinking the whole weekend just how lucky we are to experience this incredible event full of great music and THEN be able to hug and talk and party with all you wonderful musicians and call you all DEAR FRIENDS!!!!! It is so so special!

Besides the music, I personally would like to thank the South campsite for the incredible BLOODIES!!!! The fireworkers for the beautiful fireworks. Gorgeous, kind Isaac for dancing with me. Everybody at my campsite for making it such a special place to hang out! Jeri (super-camper)'s late night yummies, Cami and Mike for all they went thru to make it to another Potter, Ron for all of his preparations to get us there, Norman and Diane for Sunday breakfast, Kat for beating me AGAIN at Scrabble, EVERYBODY for the great smiles, hugs, food, conversations, music and much, much more AND, last but certainly not least, a HUGE THANKS TO OUR HOST AND HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTESS! They totally outdid themselves this year and we all appreciate it so so much!

The countdown is on for Potter 18! It seems to take forever to get here and then it goes by SO FAST! Ah, well, I hope to see as many of you as I can during the year at some point or other and can't wait to hug every one of you again next July 4th! May peace and prosperity come to us all this year. May the earth heal and wars end and our government get a grip. Nothin/ left to do but SMILE, SMILE, SMiILE! AMEN!

- Sherri Serbin

(From Christa)
Thank you, my love for that much needed recap. Especially Sat night!! See you all next year!
- Christa Weingrad
(From Isaac)
Eric, WOW! That was one hellava recap. I can't believe that all went down in one weekend. Insane! Anyway my highlights were Patty Spadaro's incredible guitar skills highlighted during daylight hours, Jill lighting up Loose Lucy for me during WoT, New Speedway Boogie at the peak, Sherri's big smile and CR Gruver. That dude is amazing! The crazy part is that everyone's experience is so different yet you understand where everyone is coming from and to share a few moments here and there with almost all in attendance makes it a spectacular moment where you realize you are alive and part of something big. We are all so lucky!
Laura and I are thinking of keeping the Potter spirit going this weekend and coming down to the Istanbul Grill Saturday night for dinner and music. I hope to catch your set. Peace!

- Isaac Greeley
(From Bob)
Great recap buddy! I need all the help I can get putting the pieces back together ;o)

If you're keeping a running DL, please add my buddy Jim (Lovkay) to the list. Jim was completely blown away by the Potter scene, and will definitely be making a return trip (Jim drove from CT, by the way)
First time I've ever danced until dawn (on my birthday or ever for that matter) - yeah - I would say I enjoyed it ;o)

- Bob Delaney