A brief history (as best as I can recall) of D Jam. 

It was 1999 and I started new job at American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise). My ability to be in a band full time was tough then, but I sure was dying to play music. I asked Ronny Moondg Esser if I could put together a show at his bar with a bunch of my friend musicians that I have played with over the years. He said sure, and suggested that we use the money we collected to be donated to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. He was working with Food Bank for sometime as committee chair of the Pgh Blues Festival. So I invited a bunch of musician friends to come out and have a jam, I think we raised about $700. 

In 2003, we moved D Jam to the original Jergel's on Babcock and raised over $1,000 for the first time. Since we moved from Moondogs, I was in charge of taking money to Food Bank, and that is when I met Anne. She took me through a tour of facililty. I was impressed by the size and and scope of what the Food Bank did, and thought Anne was someone I wanted to know better, so asked her out soon after that, which turned out to be great decision. 

D Jam 2004 saw the debut of theCAUSE at D Jam. 

We stayed at Jergel's through 2006. In 2007 Jergel's became Sunseri's. D Jam continued as a great time with lots of friends coming and joining us on stage. 

D Jam 2008 moved to PD's in Squirrel Hill and was the first year of having Jill as part of the band. PD's became Frankie's and Georgie's in 2011. 

In 2012, our dear friends Dave Lackner and Lynn Steffan offered a very generous donation and made it possible to offer Steve Kimock to join us for the evening. This was the start of taking D Jam to a new level, we raised over $5,000 that year. In 2013 we were able to have Jeff Mattson from Dark Star Orchestra come to newly named Frankie's and hit the $9,000 mark. 

D Jam was growing, and Ben Penigar offered the Rex to be new home of D Jam. Steve Kimock once again traveled to Pittsburgh and joined us, and we raised $15,000. 

In 2015 and 2016 Jeff returned. Also in 2016 we changed charities and raised money for the Women's Center and Shelter. and in 2017 his talented bandmate Lisa Ann Mackey came too. 2017 broke all records with over $20,000 raised for Just Harvest who will again be our charity for 2018.

Here is a list of bands and musicians that have been part of D Jam over the years. I tried to remember everyone, if I missed anyone, let me know so I can edit this list. 

John Talent  
Cherylann Hawk 
DeAnna Denning 
Big Jake Robinson 
Nathan Wilson 
Rob Grano 
Michael Floccari 
Sam Satlerr 
Leslie Mitchell  
Hank Jergel  
Left For Dead 
Powers Run Band 
Howie Daniels 
Jonathan Daniels 
Chris Mitchell 
The Bridge  
David Wells 
Alan Harris 
Mike Boyer 
David Granati 
Scott and Lisa Silverman 
Nicole Granati 
Dave Iglar 
Mark DeMeno 
Laura Daniels 
Andrea Pearl 
Andrea Iglar 
Deanna Dean 
Alison McTavish 
Patti Spadaro 
Joe Walsh (the other Joe Walsh) 
Kevin Ondriezek 
Mark Weakland 
Brad Yoder 
Norman Nardini 
Joel Lindsey 
Eugene Morgan 
Patricia Imbrogno 
Peter Flynn 
Alex Talbot 
Marcy Brown 
Cheryl Rinovato 
Steve Kimock 
Jeff Mattson 
Lisa Ann Mackey 
Bill Maruca 
Randy Baumann
Mike Tony  
Jill Paone Simmons 
Mike South 
Eric Weingrad