FROM PAPPY (post-Potter 14)

Well, my lovely wife Christa and I are back from what was (as cliche as it sounds) the best Potter Party ever - at least that's how it was dubbed by the Host, and pretty much...what he says goes (unless the HostESS says otherwise...and she was in agreement on this one!).

Arriving early is always a treat. Only a few die-hards are up there and all are helping to put the finishing touches on the place for the big weekend. When Christa & I first pulled up to the house, it was already twilight, but not seeing the Stars & Stripes on the big white backside, even if only slightly illuminated, was still hard to swallow. But the anticipation of seeing the new structure was tingling inside me, so I hastily parked my loaded ride and walked briskly to the front entrance of the New Barn.

I was greeted promptly by our Host, who said, "You gotta start upstairs," and walked me up the flight and onto the deck....what a view. The Stars & Stripes were now on the front, as Old Glory hung from the front rail of the deck. I did a 180 and entered the loft, whose walls were completely covered with old, wonderful LP covers - all with great artwork - none were picked just because they were classics, musically - they had to have both the tunes AND the artwork to make it up there. The railing that overlooks the dance floor was so immaculately crafted, with the stars theme running all the way across - but not overstated. Nothing in this structure is overstated - everything seems to be just perfect. Looking outward toward the dance floor, a breathtaking mobile hangs from the ceiling. Mr. Crockett has made several mobiles and each one has a beautiful simplicity to it, but this one is different. This one is BIG and spectacular, and each of its pieces all have such a strong character and personality, that I could look at it for hours and discover many different things (and I did). I hang a right turn and go across a neat, little catwalk that leads me into the new "green room" - the old one was quite tiny, with a low ceiling and, although it was small - it had its charm. The new "green room" is a different story. Comfortable, open air feel. It welcomes you - even with a "Danger - Do Not Enter" sign dangling above its entrance.

At this point, I was in complete awe...but I had to go down and check out MY new playground...the stage area. The space for the soundboard is nestled in next to the left side entrance and the stage area is definitely smaller than its predecessor, but it will surely do. I stroll around - already knowing that I will reside on stage left, as I have for many years in Potter County - but I take in the whole area. It's really electric. I can feel it. For those people who say a building is just a bunch of bricks, planks of wood and panes of glass - I say, it's a shame that you really don't get it. I've been to Yankee Stadium and Lambeau Field - when they're empty. I could FEEL the electricity of the building - not speaking in amperages and wattage...but the electricity - the vibrations of all of the magic that has happened in there. This place was humming - humming with the love from which it arose and humming with the memories of the old place - the energy, most certainly, did not go up in flames with the waited for its new home.


I'll be at #15....will you?